Worried about menopause?

Why? Do you think that when menstruation stops, you stop living? Let\’s consider the other side, the “good” side. You no longer have to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies, and you can throw yourself into passionate nights and days without fear of becoming pregnant. Furthermore, you no longer have to use contraception, constantly wonder if you took or didn\’t take the pill, or run to get a shot! And finally, you no longer have to keep an eye on the stock of sanitary napkins and tampons, and you can pass by these shelves at the drugstore without even noticing them. Smiling a little, you wonder what you\’ll buy with the money you\’ve saved, and what will make you happy. You are now a “woman without obligation.”

ženy přítelkyně na procházce
Surely, you\’d rather have a partner for a passionate evening. Look next to you. Is there a man who will stand by your side at all times, as you pledged the other day? Is there one? If so, embrace him and continue to be a wife to him and to yourself. You are not a poor woman. On the contrary, women start living past 50, and even more so if menopause has caught up with you early. You have plenty of time, so just plan what you want to do and what you want to do.
Life doesn\’t end at menopause; it begins. Women in their fifties have also reached a turning point in their lives at some point. Many have “said goodbye” to unsatisfying marriages, but others are convinced that they want to continue to be happy with their chosen partner and are happily planning their silver wedding celebrations. They buy silver shoes and carry silver handbags. Let your imagination run wild. You continue to indulge in joy and enjoy life. Your children have mostly left the nest and you finally have time to fulfill your desires. Unwind your childhood and adolescent desires and start fulfilling them with the man of your dreams. Are you single? Invite your girlfriends and go out to a dreamy place you have not been to yet. Maybe you will meet the man of your dreams. If you want him.
radující se žena
Simply put, dear ladies, menopause is no longer a nuisance. It is merely one of the stages of a woman\’s life. It is a stage that can be easily dealt with if you don\’t worry about it beforehand.