Vermicomposters Under the Microscope

The Vermicomposter is a container for composting food scraps. Designed for indoor use, it is ideal for any home, school or office. The entire system works thanks to California worms, which have the ability to convert biological waste into organic fertilizer, or vermicompost.

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The compost bin works on a two-bin principle, with the top bin being where the worms live and process the biological waste and the bottom bin being where the finished fertilizer flows in.

It is very important that vermicomposters do not contain animal waste, i.e., meat scraps, bones, dairy products, or pet waste. It is also important to know that worms are unlikely to process onions, garlic, ginger, or chili peppers.

The bottom of the compost container should be lined with toilet paper or paper towels, for example. Although it may seem that the vermicomposter will hold soil, it does not. Place the worms in the top container and feed them with bio-waste. If you give too much bio-waste, the worms will not have time to process it, and the waste will rot and grow mold. If mold grows, it will smell. However, the odor is usually not a concern. Waste is not placed on the surface, but rather partially unwrapped from the compost. The liquid that collects at the bottom of the trash can is called “worm tea. It is a fertilizer produced by the worms; it is poured out about once every three months. It can be used to water plants as it is, and is suitable not only for houseplants, but also for tomatoes and other plants that have some use for it.

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By using this compost container, you can not only help the environment and reduce waste, but also create a great natural homemade fertilizer for your plants.

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