Benefits of social networks

No matter how old you are, you have probably heard at least one of these names on TV, from your children or grandchildren, or read about them in the newspaper. These are social networks. These can be found on the Internet. The Internet is found under the icons on your desktop. And you can read something online or watch a video. Each of these networks is different in some way, but basically they bring people together in one place. A virtual place. It’s like a clubhouse, a place to get to know people with common interests and pasts. At the same time, they can find new friends, former classmates, childhood friends, and distant family members. Some of us see no benefitin accessing these networks. Some believe that social networking sites destroy personal privacy . Others find it depressingto see others doing well in life. Personal relationships are undermined, people rarely communicate verbally, and all discussions are transferred to these virtual societies. People are more courageous and hurt themselves more because they are not threatened by physical contact with others. People insult , ridicule and alienate themselves from real social life. However,
we have to admit that registering in social networks opens the door to
more opportunities to find [31] people [32] that we don’t even know how to find in real life. Populations are becoming more mobile and people are moving to other cities and, not uncommonly, other countries. Social networks also allow us to be
alwaysclose to our friends who live abroad. And it is cheaper than making a phone call. Also, if you move to a new city where you don’t know anyone, social networking can help you find new friendships , and if you make your first contact through social networking, you can save time in terms of daring to talk to that person and not knowing when you will see them next. time .

Now, if you don’t want to share your life with others through the virtual world, simply consider what you write and post there.