Given the choice, definitely choose fiber optics

Many apartments and homes, especially in large cities, have two options. Either you can use a cable (fiber optic) to connect to the Internet inside the house, or you can use a transmitter. Some places are exempt from this choice because they do not have fiber optic cable and can only be connected with a transmitter. This allows the cable to be “up and running” faster than expected.
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Cable is better

for many reasons, for example, the guaranteed Internet speed is only half the speed drawn from the transmitter. It may also be more affordable because many companies offer free connections to fiber optics and you don\’t have to arrange anything. Fiber is also much better for businesses that simply need to connect one household within an hour and that\’s it.
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But the choice is only in urban areas

If you live in a village or small town, you may not have as many options as those in those larger cities. The same goes for Internet providers. In the cities, there is more demand, and therefore, legally, more supply, but in villages, one provider is enough. In Olomouc, for example, there are several providers to choose from as they compete for better conditions for their customers, but in the countryside there is not much choice. In most cases, the same provider is chosen as the telephone operator. After all, the customer already has a relationship with the telephone operator, and the Internet is now part of many packages and various promotions.

Faster Internet is a necessity today

If you think you don\’t need the best and fastest Internet, you\’re probably the only one using the Internet at home. one machine is watching a video and the other one is doing something else again. When you try to do this, not only does the network not keep up with the process, but it crashes constantly. This is also the biggest drawback of wireless Internet access. The Internet often breaks up or doesn\’t work. With fiber optics, this rarely happens.