Interesting Newspaper Clippings

Camilla finished cooking the last pancake and transferred it to a plate with the others. Come on, let\’s decorate,” she thought and smiled. She smiled at the thought. After a while, the pan cooled and she poured the remaining oil into the trash. She wiped up the grease with a paper napkin. It felt good to save water. She had heard that oil is hard to remove when washing with water. Same with the sink. It takes a lot more hot water and a spring to remove oil stains. Now the pan was almost clean. After decorating the fritters with chocolate and banana pieces, Camilla took out the notebook with the recipe. As she was about to put it away among the other notebooks, she happened to open the notebook from 1988. A small newspaper clipping had fallen out. She was surprised to see that the article\’s headline “By 2020, Humans Will Build Civilization” spoke of the current year. She skimmed through the contents and began reading with interest. Scientific discovery and technology had always been a mystery, an adventure, and an unknown to her. She looked forward to her husband\’s return. She looked forward to her husband\’s return.Země a Měsíc

What interesting things did the article say? According to Chinese futurists, there are significant discoveries that will extend the human lifespan. For example.

  • 2003, Extraction of Oxygen from Water.
  • 2004 – Use of robots in fires, mines, etc. Possibility of artificial lung implants.
  • 2006 – AIDS vaccinations.
  • 2007 – Rejuvenation cosmetics, treatment of clogged blood vessels, treatment of almost all types of cancer.
  • 2008 – Filling all ozone holes.
  • 2012 – Production of translation robots.
  • 2016 – Space travel, from Earth orbital tracking station.
  • 2017 – Artificial brain discovered.
  • 2018 – Solar energy is sent to Earth from a station on Mars.
  • 2019 – Creation of artificial cells and artificial eyes for the blind.
  • 2020 – Creation of a formula for human immortality.

lívance s čokoládou

Now everyone can see how successful the predictions of Chinese futurists have been. Thus, predicting the future is not easy.

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