Many girls have a wonderful fragrance and hope as they mature as women. To this day, the prince of her dreams comes to her on a white horse in the meadow. He asks her to marry him. And she nods happily. They wed, and within a year and a day, their longed-for first child is born. And other siblings. And they live happily together in love and peace until death do them part. While it is a charming and pleasant thought, this fairy tale usually does not end well. According to figures, one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. The main crisis occurs in the short period after marriage. What can you do to prevent your marriage from ending in disaster? Because divorce is not a win-win situation for either party. There are no winners in this situation. There are losers for everyone. And above all, it is the children who want nothing more than to have mom and dad under the same roof.

Muž a žena

It is obvious that most people divorce for trivial reasons. If there is even the slightest disagreement in a marriage, attention needs to be paid. And do everything in your power to save it. As every wise woman knows, for everyone, the home is the sacred place where children are raised. Even they can feel uncomfortable in their marriages. But they would never throw it all away and throw themselves into a new relationship.


Even if their partner is attracted to the other woman. And he felt that only this young woman was right for him. If you are a wise woman, I have good advice for situations like this: wait and see! Time will tell the truth. It is often enough to separate for a short period of time. And answer your children\’s questions about why Daddy is not home with a smile. That he had to leave home to get his priorities straight. We know that divorce is painful not only for partners and children, but for everyone involved: parents, close relatives, friends, and peers. The children will thank us for it.