Choose your pc carefully

Buying a computer at home is usually not a big event as buying an extension or getting a new car, but at least according to the experience of the past few years, it is still a fairly large investment even today, when electronics are generally relatively inexpensive. There are a number of factors involved in how much your new PC will cost. The most important thing is what your new computer will be used for. If you want a simple office PC, can fit in thousands, often with a monitor.But if you are planning to play the game with it, especially the latest and full details, forget that thousands are enough for you. The price in this case can grow to tens of thousands, and if you want a real cannon, you will not have any problems to start something in 5K even in 4 years, you can prepare more than 10 thousand. That\’s how high the price of a gaming computer will be.

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Key Differences

Many laymen believe that office and gaming computers must necessarily consist of completely different components, but this is definitely not true, and at least most are not. On the contrary, many parts can be used both in the office and in gaming PCs. A good example is a motherboard, a power supply or a case, or a box where all the components are stored. This is not a rule, but the biggest difference between a game machine and an office machine is the video card, which is a processor, respectively. The main thing that depends on these parts is whether you can only run graphically unpretentious tetris games or embark on the latest titles.
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It does not have to be so expensive.

Even if you can\’t afford it, if you want to get a high-quality computer that can play new games, you can make some compromises and buy a PC that is not only powerful enough, but also affordable. However, in this case, it is recommended to entrust the assembly of the PC to someone familiar with this issue. As a layman, you probably won\’t be able to build something like this on your own.