The world of video blogging

If you are the parent of a teenage child, you would rather see your teenage child spend time just hanging out at the computer and shooting some pointless videos that he is teaching. But he could also be dealing with shady gangs who have a positive relationship with drugs.
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Modern phenomena

Video blogs and vlogare a recent phenomenon that is particularly popular with young people. Young people are easier to express themselves through spoken language and shoot themselves, and subscribers may find this method more interesting.
After all, winning as many subscribers as possible is exactly what it takes. The topics are endless. Fashion, makeup, computer games, humor, mystery, curious world, cooking. On youtube, where video blogs are embedded, on the one hand you can find very high-quality videos in terms of content and technology, and on the other you will encounter really embarrassing projects.

These desperate projects can be most enjoyed by the awkwardness of others, and it is appropriate for parents to try to thwart this failed career.

Maximum views

The most successful video bloggeror Youtuber has celebrity status. There are many festivals in the Czech Republic, the most famous and largest of which are the Youtube rings in Prague and Brno. Meeting the famous and popular vlogger is the dream of many young people. Why are they so loved. Because they are completely ordinary people and have achieved success as celebrities. No wonder they are great role models.
A successful Youtuber will also make good money from the number of views and ads. But those who managed to make a living in this way are actually rather chosen.
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Support for raising children

If you are an avid vlogger parent, definitely don\’t worry that your 10-year-old child is engaged in strange and pointless hobbies. Instead, encourage and motivate them to do their best and act like professionals. Let\’s see what beneficial abilities you can get.

  • Ability to self-report
  • Courage to speak in public (albeit indirectly)
  • Self-education within the framework of obtaining documents
  • Feedback, especially negative ones, allows the parties to improve or honestly admit that they simply don\’t have it
  • Confidence

Realize that it is definitely worth showing interest in this hobby of the child. Your child may not be a successful, famous and profitable vlogger (who knows), but he certainly has many valuable sutras that can be used in everyday life