Win 95 on Win 10

Confused by the title of this article? Please calm down. You will understand. But first, a bit of history that no one seems to die for.
If you remember, it was August 1995 when they started calling them 95s. Surprising, isn\’t it? Their working name was Chicago, and they had alreadyleft the 16-bit systemand ushered in the era of the 3-bit system. It was also the first OS to be hardwired to DOS, short for Disk Operating System, which managed the most important functions: connecting to the disk, displaying text on the screen, and reading text from the keyboard.
Obrazovka Win 10
Now, Win 95 had some features that we lack today. That is, those who remember them. In fact, they were already “tossed” on the scrap heap of history with Windows Vista, never to see the light of day, or even a monitor, again. But lo and behold, they did not.
The software was calledPowerToys and was a set of tools. It was used to make various improvements to existing operating systems. Or it was used to facilitate various activities. Of course, some people had never used it in their lives. Everyone is different.
Now Microsoft has decided to bring Powertoys back to OS Win 10. It is an open source project and you can already download a trial version, the so-called prewiev. For now, however, there are only two apps, namelyShortcut Guide and FancyZones. Other apps are said to follow gradually: 21]
The former is used for split screen, i.e., splitting awindowinto different zones. According to your wants and needs.
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The second is more interesting. It allows you to view keyboard shortcutsavailable in one or another program window . This makes it easy to learn how to use them.
Slowly but surely, Maximize To New Desktop Widget (MTND) is also about to be added. This is a feature that when you hover over the arrow, other available buttons will appear.
These are really small things, but many people couldn\’t imagine working without them at the time. So now they can have it back.