What about Czechs shopping in “action”

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[13 Therefore, many buy exclusively according to the action leaflet. They are convinced that this is the path to small spending and large purchases.
Because we are individuals, discounts are perceived differently.
There are people who make a list exactly according to special offers and eat according to the current offer of a cheaper assortment, not according to their taste.
For others, this magic word is a guarantee of a filled refrigerator so that you no longer need food.
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If this week\’s coffee is a product, it doesn\’t go bad, so they\’re picking up a few packs.
However, the chain still holds “discounts” for customers. So, for example, the already mentioned coffee will be cheaper 2 crowns for another week in another store, and the person in question will “tear the hair.” To foreigners, or at least to those who are more intelligent among us, we look like a country of weirdos. Indeed, on Black Friday overseas, we see footage of people running to the store to grab what they can.
But in our country, even if the discount on butter falls, it looks like this. We all still remember the shots of pensioners who “threw away crutches” and ran around with helpless legs and fought for some pieces of cheaper products.
Other products?
Few people perceive clothes that we all walk for a long time, but they become attractive at the moment when the words discount or action are looking down at us over a stand on a red background.
” Action” acts on us like a magnet. We do not realize that no one wanted the goods, and even the price may not be lower than that. On the contrary, the higher the number issued for the original, accidentally sees us, and the “discounted” amount is the original price.
We eagerly reached out to a sweater that was the wrong color, strange pattern and too big neckline for us 1 month ago and put it in the basket with the words that even if we took it only once, it would be worth it at that price.
We don\’t realize that traders are just trying to get rid of the “lager” by certain tricks.
I must have heard some unpleasant words at my address.
A woman who has passed through my purchases through my eyes loudly to her escort that I\’m weird because I\’m wearing expensive pants and not those (baggy) ones, further, it\’s silly to have only one platoon of eggs out there when I can get something like her at a low price.
It\’s nice to be able to buy what you need at a lower price than usual, but you can\’t make meaningless supplies, you don\’t cook according to action leaflets, you don\’t dress according to discounts.
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I\’m not saying that a winter jacket is not suitable if you can buy it cheap at the end of winter and throw away something a few years old, but in other products
you can buy fresh food that your family has to eat even if they want something else, clothes that only make you want to walk in the dark, Meat that is starting to smell past, these are all things that are absolutely not on the list when you leave the house and go shopping.
Therefore, for each “action”, first think about whether even the one you did not come to is really worth buying.