Whether in the city or in the countryside

1) Urban

In urban areas, it is common to see many women as well as men driving perhaps overly large vehicles that are better suited for off-roading than urban pavement. Not at all to say that off-roading should be kept out of the city as a bad choice, but it is good to prioritize efficiency in the city. If you are just driving on the highway around the city or from city to city, perhaps it is better to invest in a smaller car that can appeal to more comfort.
auto pickup
Of course, it all depends on the family, but the criteria should remain the same: a small car that can be parked anywhere is more city-friendly than a large car that has trouble parking in crowded parking lots or in front of apartment buildings. Electric cars might be a good option to consider. Large cities have plenty of charging points and may be better suited to urban environments.
starĂ˝ brouk

2) Outdoors

Outdoors means long distances, especially large spaces. For example, electric vehicles can hardly be used here. Everywhere is so far away that you need rather really excellent consumption capabilities. Not exactly off-road, but it would be a large vehicle that would last a long time. Especially the terrain differences make it a bit of a problem to drive a car without proper traction on the hills above the glacier in the winter. And most importantly, you will be carrying a lot of luggage, really always, so feel free to use a pickup.
elektrickĂ˝ pohon

3) Is an electric car a good buy?

It depends on where you are. For example, in large cities around the world, it is quite normal to travel by electric car, but not so much in the Czech Republic. This is mainly due to the fact that they are less popular and less available. Companies are constantly investing in new technologies, but fossil fuels are slowly catching up.

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