What should you feed your cat

Cats are carnivores and need to get their nutrition from animal protein sources. Therefore, to maintain optimal health, the food must be meat-based. You don\’t want your beloved pets to go out into the wild and hunt for themselves, do you? For this reason, we offer several varieties of commercially available, high-quality, well-balanced cat food for different ages and cat health conditions. In addition, you can incorporate a varied diet by adding raw or cooked meat, wet or dry food. Never feed only dry food, as it is detrimental to the cat\’s health. Cats love fish, but fish is not a suitable daily food because of its high fatty acid content. This can cause vitamin E deficiency in cats, which can lead to painful side effects.


Age of the cat in relation to food:

Suitable foods according to the age of the cat are:

Kittens: need a high-quality, balanced diet consisting mainly of wet cat food. Raw meat and cooked bones should not be fed.
Adult cats: should be fed a diet similar to that of kittens. However, they can eat all types of wet and dry foods, raw and cooked meat, bones, and fish.
Older cats. Avoid stressing their teeth and stomach.
How much should I feed my cat?
The amount and frequency of food a cat needs depends on the cat\’s size, age, and weight. The general recommendation is between 24 and 35 kilocalories per day to maintain a cat\’s normal health, but it is best to check with your veterinarian for the exact amount.


Domestic cats are less physically active than stray cats. Therefore, overfeeding can lead to obesity and related health problems such as diabetes and arthritis. Likewise, care should be taken to avoid malnutrition by reducing the amount of food fed.

Regardless of age or other parameters, cats must always have access to adequate and even excessive amounts of clean drinking water. To this end, appropriate food and water bowls should be purchased and placed in a clean, dry, easily accessible location.

How often should cats be fed?

The frequency of feeding depends primarily on age. Growing kittens require more food per kilogram of body weight and should be fed every 4-5 hours. After 6 months of age, they can be fed once or twice a day with other treats.

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