When you have only jalousies of money

Coin collecting is still a relatively common pastime today, and it sometimes grows into a lifelong mission or a way to significantly improve one\’s standard of living.
truhla zlata

When one thinks of pirate treasure, one probably imagines wooden treasure chests filled with doubloons and other precious metals. However, from the word “treasure,” everyone can already imagine a variety of situations and things.
Thus, the coin itself can be a source of money, much more expensive than what appears on the face of a particular coin.
Thus, collecting rare or at least in some sense special coins cannot be considered a mere hobby.

Coins, even if they are no longer valid, move the world,
or perhaps it is more appropriate to say that it is precisely such coins, the bearers of coins whose time has passed (as much as possible) that can move the world at large.
A 50-crown coin is worth exactly 50 Czech crowns to its owner, while a 5-cent coin is worth the same to a collector. And it is in this difference in value that the wealth of those who are able to seize a hair\’s-breadth opportunity is to be found in their portfolios, which are not merely fictitious concepts backed by securities, but concrete tangible assets.

kapesní hodinkyForget the jingling of keys in your pocket

, though, any of us who do not enjoy life on the street could probably get by without an outlet or house key. However, as the previous paragraph indicates, the jingling of a coin, even a small one, may not only indicate to its owner that he or she is not penniless, but also that it is safe for the future.
kapesní hodinky
So forget about counting printed banknotes. Instead, check to see if any of your relatives have precious coins of a lower denomination. A similar treasure hunt can lead to some very pleasant surprises.