Visibility on the road is extremely important

When motorcycles return to the road during the warm spring days, many car drivers do not respect their presence. Rather, after the winter, they have to get used to the fact that traffic is not theirs alone. Unfortunately, in many cases it is the biker\’s own faultthat he is invisible. In fact, he wears nothing to alert them to his presence. Although much of motorcycle attire has recently been improved and warning features are on the rise, it is still possible that the biker may be wearing something that is not there to warn him of his presence. Alternatively, the driver is

motorkářresponsible for wearing a warning belt or straight vest.


This is more than a visible feature

When people first started talking about motorcycle airbag vests, and when the first bees of these products even appeared, they certainly did not rest on their roses It also has five numbers in order. It also depended on the figure itself, which in turn had five numbers. That alone was enough to find a good reason not to buy this bee. Andwhy? Becauseits component parts are bombs that inflate a jacket or vest to such a state that it protects the motorcyclist from various serious injuries in the event of a fall. And let\’s be honest, looking at the statistics on the road, such explosions are definitely helpful.
What does she offer?

  • First and foremost, CE certification.
  • A patented airbag ejection portion that certainly does not limit ride comfort.
  • Maximum protection for hips, collarbone, spine, chest, pelvis, and tailbone.
  • Larger collar takes care of cervical spine and back of neck.
  • Can be used on textile and leather moto jackets, and don\’t bother with knobbly overalls.
  • Can be refilled…
  • Safer on the road, this is doubly true with the reflective version.

výstražné vesty

How this beauty works

is quite simple. However, it does take some getting used to, as it attaches to the bike with a flexible carbon Kevlar cable. 59] The lanyard attaches to the bike\’s frameunder the saddle. In the event of a crash, the bomb is triggered and the vest inflates to provide protection in an unsightly crash. In short, it is an investment in health and road safety.

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