Conspiracy theories

After each unusual and inexplicable event, a wave of questions erupts, and people want clarification. But especially in old events, it is much more difficult to find facts that we can claim to be true.
Conspiracy theories include various theories that are most likely to explain these theories. No one will know the truth. If you look at this topic a little more closely, you can see from some running chills that there are more interesting things than others. Conspiracy theorists argue that nothing happens by chance, and that the cause of something is not accidental, but everything happens for a reason.
ilumináti oko
On the contrary, some argue that the highest authorities, government agencies, secret societies, or extraterrestrial civilizations are behind these inexplicable things. Isn\’t it coincidentally true that extraterrestrial civilization itself is a conspiracy theory?
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In the 1950s, during the Thanksgiving holiday, an American named Dan Cooper bought tickets for a United Airlines domestic flight. After the plane took off, when a flight attendant came to him to deliver the product from his cart, he opened the suitcase where the bomb was allegedly found, which he threatened her with a knife, but did not reveal his purpose. Allegedly, it was a kidnapping, after landing the plane, he disembarked all the passengers and held only the crew as hostages, of course, he also had requirements, he needed a parachute and a set for the use of certain nominal values and banknotes. The plane refuel and took off, the weather was not ideal, at some point he told the crew to stay in the cockpit and not dare to get out of it. A few hours later, no one was on the plane. Later interrogation showed that at some point the machine was abnormally twitching, and the door was heard banging, and it looked as if it had jumped out of the plane.
But today no one knows what will happen, who the mystery man is, if he is alive.

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