Uncompromising Pink

Pink – hated by some and loved by others. How is this color actually worn and for whom? Are there any rules? Let us consider this subject. The color pink has always been reserved for girls and young women. When worn by mature or older women, or even men, it has been almost unacceptable. But it is not only entrenched stereotypes that need to be changed. Yes, no color should be determined by gender, nor should it be determined by age. Just about anyone who feels comfortable wearing that color should wear it. Pink can be worn elegantly, sportily, or in everyday casual wear.


Men and pink.

Like yellow, blue, or green, pink comes in a variety of shades, some of which do not lighten the surroundings when taken off. And these are also colors that men wear. Pink can be beautifully combined, and men look very elegant in this combination. For example, these old pink men\’s suits look great on men, and they look great on both 18-year-old men and 35-year-old men.

How to Combine Pink

Be guided by the fact that while pink should not, sometimes less is more Perhaps we should. Therefore, if you don\’t really feel the need to go head-to-toe with pink, it is a good idea to supplement this color with white or black, for example. Pink also goes very well with greenish blues and navy blue.


Pink for hair color

In general, it should match your hair and skin color. So if you are a light type with blonde hair, you should opt for softer shades of pink. For example, old pink or powder pink. But if you are a dark-skinned girl, you can opt for more intense shades, from pink to neon.Pink is the color of spring. Once you start accessorizing, you will quickly fall in love with this color and incorporate it into your wardrobe.