Going into business

What about fees, branches, and ATMs
Most banks offer business accounts, but you should follow a few principles when choosing:FeesAn account that is maintainedwithout any feesis ideal, and there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. Because account activity varies from month to month, a particular package may not be the ideal choice. Of course, these days it is commonplaceto manage funds via the Internet, credit cards, and charge cards . If your business extends beyond your borders, you will welcome the option of Europayments or money transfers. While it is possible to handle your account online, including opening your own account, the number of physical branches and, of course, ATMs should be considered when choosing a financial institution. Information about no account maintenance fees can be misleading. This benefit is contingent on account balance or transaction volume, and violations will result in a fee of approximately SEK 115,000 to 399,000.
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2. Payments in foreign currency
In this case, payments made abroad are usually charged, and the small number of bank branches offering this service is a major negative. Individual payments may be completely free, or the number of payments may be limited and there may be a service charge above and beyond the package offered. Some banking institutions charge fees for overseas payments with minimum and maximum percentages
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3. Benefits of accounts for customers with high sales
Customers can also choose an account based on their annual turnover andhigher accounts can offer overdrafts of up to SEK 250,000. Banks offer their customers complete financial services , payment terminals and e-shop gateways, and can also take advantage of business credit
offerings .
The reason for choosing a business account over a personal account is that the interest on deposits is different and taxed differently.