How to make up with the woman you love

How to reconcile with a loving wife? It can\’t be a cheap gesture. You need to think a little, be casual, and do something unexpected. Especially if there is a bigger problem or quarrel on your conscience. Women are sensitive and that\’s why they love surprises. That\’s not to say they won\’t be pleased by a cheap gesture, but they certainly won\’t be impressed. And you want to be an attractive man, don\’t you? For example, you could give her chocolates as an apology, or a rose from the flower shop around the corner at closing time.
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Be quirky and original. When giving flowers, be unconventional. For example, order a puget that the company will deliver directly to her workplace, and include a friendly note as an apology. Needless to say, you will be very much appreciated in front of her work colleagues. You can buy beautiful flowers here:
Women love gifts and believe that they are not of monetary value, but rather of originality. So if your beloved is a sports lover, you can bet on this kind of “excuse,” whether in the form of an item or an experience in the form of a weekend or afternoon of sports together.
Then there are women who avoid exercise, dislike all sports, do not wear jewelry, and are not impressed by flowers. She is a purely practical and thoughtful woman. Take such a woman out to an unconventional dinner and you will certainly impress her. Be it the menu or the setting, it\’s unconventional.
The main aspect of rapport is always thoughtfulness, which each will appreciate 100%.
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Don\’t have enough money to do the above? That\’s okay, there are a few tips that won\’t cost you a penny. Surprise your chosen one by cooking dinner at home, giving her a relaxing massage, shopping for her, or picking up the kids from daycare for once and taking them to the playground so she can read her favorite book in peace. Do anything that makes it absolutely obvious that you care about her and love her. And finally, apologize sincerely. In most cases, that is enough