The right clock helps

It is hopeless to see time not kept. The wisdom that “punctuality is the prerogative of kings” is being forgotten, and more often than not, it\’s “a minute here, a minute there. And if it were only a few minutes. But they fly around for dozens of minutes, half an hour, even hours, as if it weren\’t so cold.
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A light rain might be justifiable in some cases, but there is hardly any light rain here anymore. Also, there are seldom mishaps that can excuse the delay.


The bus is supposed to arrive so and so. But it doesn\’t come. It\’s like the days when there were no clocks, let alone perfect service.
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Or railroads. If one train is delayed, it will arrive if another arrives. The days when you could set your watch by the railroad, even though the joke was that if the railroad workers didn\’t strike for at least three days, they wouldn\’t know it wasn\’t a normal delay, or if you wanted to know when your train was going to run, you could leave your address at the information desk and they would write you a letter. Where is it?
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When you fly on vacation, before you know it, not only have the gates been changed, possibly the terminal, but the departure time has also changed. Sometimes, despite European sanctions, they are changed by several hours.

In short, more than once it seems as if those responsible do not have a clock. Or as if their clocks were only sunny and cloudy at best.

Logically, however, this is not the case. The people in question do indeed have clocks. And in most cases, it is not even to blame that they are probably not the typeCasioof watch. Watches that ensure one always has the correct and accurate time on hand are not just some interesting accessory, no matter how much these are at the same time, whether one is wearing a suit or something sporty or casual.

It is not the watch that often prevents one from being on time for appointments. This is all the responsibility of the people and cannot be changed by the clock alone.

However, if you are a conscientious and meticulous person, you might want to get a Casio watch. This is because, despite their quality, they are not unaffordable. Feel free to take any of the models offered,

control your time, you won\’t miss a thing. And the only thing that can surprise you with Casio watches is that you will always know exactly how far behind others are.

And it is not because, for example, Casio does not.