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& #13; A scrapbook is a product created by your own creativity, an activity to create your own photo album, gift, diary, card or wedding invitation – we create it ourselves. It is a demonstration of creative thinking, a favorite activity and pastime for us, designed for all age categories. Scrapbook pleases everyone to whom it is intended, whether it is a family member or a partner in our life, it is also a friend\’s scrapbook came from England, and its meaning in the words of translation means a book of clipping or a book from clipping. Scrapbooking can be considered an art technique. In our country, it is not the most common, as in the world, so scrapbooking tools are very expensive and not available. Tips for proper scrapbooking are many, and it also depends on how you want to make your site, decorate yourself.
kytičkovaný papír
What we need
Without what to choose in the production of scrapbooking, it is definitelyglue and scissors.
Next, it\’s up to you which supplement to use. For scrapbooks, you can use colored paper, sequins, sticky decorations, newspaper clippings, seashells, rhinestones, beads, buttons, dried flowers, various crayons, markers, fabrics and other utensils.It can be purchased in stationery stores. It also depends on which scrapbook will be used for wedding invitations and photo albums to your family.
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Again, whether it\’s a greeting card or a photo album, it depends on what you do. For a photo album, you will need a photo of your choice, it is better to choose a photo format of the size you choose, for beginners, it is the smallest one, the shade will work better for you. Some already buy a decorative album or you can create your own one directly. You buy a notebook or diary and create a scrapbook with your imagination. You can paste the photo on the block, glue it with crayons or snippets, glue it and decorate it decoratively. Then you will complete the album with various labels, and the scrapbook will be in the world.