I have lost count of how many years computers have been with us. To be honest, I got mine quite late in life. I was no longer a kid, more like a teenager, but I was so glad my parents bought it for me, even though it wasn\’t my wish. Believe it or not, I was 16 or 17, I think, and they bought me a computer.

Počítač je super pro všechny.

I still had my camera-less cell phone, but my parents eventually decided to buy me a better computer instead of a camera phone. It wasn\’t the most expensive computer, or even an ordinary computer at all, but it was already a little better, and I think Windows was a notch above the older computers my friends had. But, to be honest, I only sat on it about three times a week, and that was only for a few dozen minutes. I didn\’t pay much attention to it, but later, when I was in elementary school and then sophomore year of high school, I really started using the computer more.

Také hraji počítačové hry.

I did it almost every day, mostly just to study and look up information I needed for school, but then I also learned the magic of games by playing sims. It was such a very popular game, even in the 2000s, that I fell in love with it. And on Saturdays and Sundays, I used to play for 10 hours straight just to play the Sims game. I used to play with my friends, and we would always sit at the same computer, and we would each play this game at home, or we would go play there. It was really fun and I\’m glad we had such a great experience. But even at this late stage in my life, I was happy to spend my childhood on the playground.