Preparing for a workshop? Be smart and eco-friendly!

The same regulations apply to your own garage as to any other business. If you want to own a business that also repairs and maintains cars, you will need to meet some legal requirements. In addition, you will always face high competition in this business, which may teach you how to break through it, but it is very difficult to start your own business under similar conditions. Startups tend to be very difficult and require a large upfront investment in premises, renovations, and equipment. If you are not discouraged by the following lines, let\’s look together at what you should do before opening your business.

Kontrola podvozku

  • A suitable site

Ideally, a suitable site for an auto repair shop should be located far enough from residential and office buildings. Potential disputes with neighbors due to increased noise and odors will not help a fledgling mechanic shop. Look for a site that is already used for a similar purpose and approved under current building codes. There should be a driveway leading to the site and adequate parking in the vicinity.

  • Legal requirements

If a suitable site is already available and all the requirements imposed on such a site are met, then half of the site is complete. Now it is necessary to select an appropriate person to oversee the entire operation. The facility must also be properly marked according to the current wording of the law.

Špinavý provoz

  • Workshop facilities

The law does not specify workshop facilities and it is up to the financial viability of the owner. If you have been servicing automobiles for a long time, then there is no need for a lengthy introduction to the basic tools essential for automobile servicing. Hydraulic jacks, liquid fillers, hand tools, spare parts, compressors …… This is just a small list of equipment included in the category of auto moto.

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