Telephone Operator

I was always happy when I bought a new cell phone. I am a woman who really likes to shop. And please point to a woman who maybe doesn\’t like to shop at all. I am one of those women who likes to spend money. But fortunately, I am also one of those women who have money and can buy things. I\’m really grateful for that, and of course I make a good living at it. Now I have two jobs that I really enjoy. One of my jobs is to call customers and offer them cosmetics and mattresses. I enjoy this job, even though a lot of people scold me over the phone or take me to the right places.

Jsem telefonní operátorka.

You get the idea. But I confess that even when the phone rang, I too sent these rude salespeople somewhere. It really limits me and I don\’t enjoy hearing it either. However, now that I am doing this job, I find it to be quite wonderful. No stress at all, and I can work when I want. The job is easy. So if you too want to become a telephone operator and offer products over the cell phone or landline, don\’t worry because this job is really great and easy. Also, just knowing how to use a cell phone makes you very eloquent.

Volání je dost populární.

In this way you can sell at least a variety of products and also increase your percentage of sales. So the more you sell, the more money you make, of course. Fortunately, I am always successful, so there are plenty of bonuses. Also, there are so many people who work with cell phones, such as telephone operators and assistants. If you were to work with cell phones, what kind of work would you enjoy doing? My mom used to be a telephone secretary, and she said it\’s a great job, but you have to do a lot of stretching to keep your back from getting stiff.

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