It’s time to change shoes

Winter is often not honey for drivers. Icy roads, or roads covered with slashes. Faulty driving characteristics and the threat of collision. Surely no one is willing to become a participant in a traffic accident and will have to deal with the subsequent complications with both a broken car and damage to health. This can be prevented by timely and correct replacement of winter tires.
zasněžené ulice
What does the law say?
From 2018/1/1, drivers are obliged to wear winter tires on vehicles intended for the transport of people and goods. Until 11/31. This can be foreseen not only if there is a continuous layer of snow, ice or frost on the roads of Brezno. Simply put, this means that you do not necessarily need to put winter tires on your car, but if you go to work in the morning with a summer tire and it snows during the day and an accident, this can be not only a threatening fine, but also an insurance company can assess when liquidating the damage that will not pay you anything.

Especially in mountainous areas,winter equipmentbrands often appear, which are not covered by the above rules, and therefore the obligation to install winter tires on the car unconditionally in a certain period of time is introduced.
Most drivers change their winter tires as a precaution, concerned about safety and affection for their four-wheel friends. But there are also gamblers who do not solve it.

Which winter tires are suitable?
For passenger cars up to 3.5 tons, winter and summer tires require a different minimum tread depth. In addition to the difference in tread, winter tires are made of a softer compound, which improves driving characteristics on frozen snow surfaces.
When planning a change to winter tires, it is also recommended to book in advance at the tire shop. When most drivers are on the move, there is also a few hours of waiting time. If you order yourself, you will significantly save your time and nerves.

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