Christmas Decorations – Buy or make?

Christmas elements that decorate your home or apartment are a priority for all those who love these noble holidays. But if you understand how much money is needed to get a really fancy result, it is somewhat impossible to realize it.
The fact is that decorations that are already finished and sold in stores in the form of sculptures, hanging jewelry or something with a bright character spend a lot of money.This will not be superfluous during the holidays.
Thus, you can gradually buy them at a sufficiently large percentage, perhaps at intervals of the year or, if necessary, have them at home to take advantage of your initiative to put your own ideas and creative spirit.
podzimní dekorace

Production of unusual things

Count on the fact that you have to save some time for the production of creative ornaments for good. You may also need tools that you can work with. If you have children at home, you will certainly find basic tools such as paper, scissors and glue.
However, even common household items cannot be discarded. Cloth, buttons, needles and threads, or such as ribbons, curtains, felt.With a little patience and skill, with hands and sewing machines, you can make decorations yourself that are not found in other homes.
Windows– They are one of the visible places, and thanks to the details of the form of decoration, everyone notices them almost immediately.1 You can use old curtains, from which you cut the Christmas tree or snowflakes and glue them with layers to each other on hard paper. Then hang it on the curtains using a string that will be painted white.
Doors– on them it is convenient to hang not only garlands, but also traditions in the form of thematic elements. You can usefelt or ordinary pine cones,it allows you to paint in colors and create chains with them. You can also decorate it as a Christmas tree with mistletoe.
ozdoba na okně
Interior– Everything you produce for your home should match in color. So, set yourself 1 style that you will decorate your home. Using colored ribbons, you can paste cinnamon, cloves and dried fruits (apples, pears, pineapples).You can also make beautiful sights from trees that can make everything you can think of. And if you want an original one at home,wrap the old bulbs with sugarand paint the coals, carrots and eyes of your snowman using tempera paint.