Internet Safety Line

There is a saying, “Sharing joy is double joy, sharing worry is half worry. [because you know what it feels like to feel quite relieved after confiding in a loved one. But our loved ones are not always there for us. And sometimes it is not only worry that weighs on our hearts, but long-term problems that can have a very devastating effect on our psyche and thus our health.
We cannot wait for them to pass. Making an appointment with a specialist is definitely a good idea, but be aware that appointments can be long. They can be life-threatening. Some people are overly sensitive and become suicidal in the face of suffering. Early intervention can avert this danger.
utrápená stařenka

You can also consult via the Internet

The Safety Line, formerly called the Helpline, is still in operation. However, many people have difficulty communicating by telephone. For this reason, Internet helplines are gaining popularity.
There are several Internet Safety Lines in the Czech Republic. They are centralized, so that a person in Olomouc, for example, can use the Prague helpline, which provides services 24 hours a day. Information can be easily tracked on the Internet.
The consultation itself is done on a chat basis. One consultation lasts up to 90 minutes.
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This consultation will not solve your problem, of course, and you will need to seek longer-term help, but it will make it easier for you to confide in them on the spot. Needless to say, some people are deeply stressed by social phobia, and the anonymous environment of the Internet is exactly what they need to overcome their internal obstacles.