Does it help or harm?

In times past, when cell phones did not exist, people\’s lives were very different from today. People were not as easily connected remotely as they are today. People kept in touch with each other through pigeons and letters. Many of us, especially children, could not even imagine such a thing. And depending on distance and other circumstances, we could wait days or months for a reply. Today, we can simply pick up the phone, dial a number, and everything we need to do is done within minutes. In this case, the cell phone is indeed a good helper.
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As time went by and the Internet appeared, even mobile devices could connect to the Internet. And slowly but surely its main purpose was put on the back burner. It was no longer just for calling and texting. With the advent of smartphones and the development of various applications, it became a tool for the virtual world. Social networking sites and games are downloaded by almost everyone. We spend almost every day with our smartphones. Some of us use them infrequently, others extremely.
We should all take a break from our phones and everything that goes with them, at least once in a while.
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Detox. If we can\’t make it through the day, we should at least stop using it in the evening. The light emitted from the screen makes our brains feel that it is not yet time to sleep. This continues even if we decide to turn it off and go to sleep. In the long run, daily use of a smartphone before bed may increase the time it takes to fall asleep and, accordingly, decrease the quality of sleep. Sleep is divided into several stages, but if one has trouble falling asleep, he or she may not be able to pass through each stage. This can result in difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, poor sleep quality, headaches, and eye pain. Lack of quality sleep can also lead to other health problems. Therefore, do not use your cell phone for at least an hour before bed and turn off the ringtone and vibration so that you are not disturbed.

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