Compensation to Employees

Czech Post has decided to increase the wages of its employees starting this April and has published the information. On average, the increase will be about 5%. This amounts to about SEK 1,000 per month. The highest rate of increase will be for postmen.znak české pošty

  • Less is more

The biggest increase will be for the lowest income workers, i.e., the aforementioned postal delivery workers. The monthly wages of these workers will increase by up to SEK 1,500. Interior Minister Jan Hamacek confirmed this information. He also stated that Czech Post\’s management and labor unions have agreed to the wage increase. According to the minister, the difference between the average wage at the post office and the average wage in the Czech Republic as a whole is so great that it should not be raised, at least not in the future. Ideally, of course, the gap should be reduced until it disappears completely, but that is impossible in the long run.
Moving to Shopping Centers
The Post CEO also said that by the end of the year there will be a shortage of more than 500 mail carriers. It is hoped that higher salaries will prevent high turnover and make the business more stable.

  • Double-speed delivery

Czech Post plans to introduce new features in 2020. Thanks to these measures, the company may have 6,700 delivery personnel instead of 8,000,
which would mean that the company would have to increase the number of delivery personnel to 6,700 instead of 8,000.
Last year, the state-owned company\’s total losses amounted to several hundred million kronor, clearly less than the previous year, when losses were estimated to be in the billions of kronor.fotografie dopisu
In addition to reducing the manpower needed to deliver parcels by introducing two-speed delivery of parcels, the post office is gradually moving window operations to business centers and consolidating different branches to save labor costs and make more efficient use of employees. This allows them to afford the pay raises mentioned above, increase employee satisfaction, and avoid turnover.

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