Cyberbullying is more than just bullying!

The Internet may seem like an innocent place where everyone is equal and everyone can express their opinions and use it for the best. However, some people think of using it in a different way. Whatever form it takes. They write threatening messages, ask for nude photos, or make offensive comments. What else qualifies as cyberbullying?
jeden proti všem
is following another person through social media, texting, or email. They may ask excessive questions, monitor every post you share, or probe for personal information. While it may seem trivial, cyberstalking has been considered a criminal offense by law since 2007. Every social media site has a “block users” feature, so if someone is harassing you or asking for inappropriate information, use it. Cyberbullying
This type of bullying is most commonly used against children because they are very trusting. They impersonate a celebrity or a new friend to entice children to meet them in person. The children believe them and often meet them. Thus, it is important to at least ask what the child is doing on the phone.
is the practice of coercing nude photos or videos. It may also involve conversations that contain sexual innuendos. In this case, it is best to ignore the person and block them immediately. These people will want to write to you repeatedly. Anyone can continue to share photos.
počítačová šikana
Known for discussion forums, comments and photos. It includes abusive and rude comments and arguments in forums. You must have come across people who have openly insulted others because of an opinion they shared on a website.
Today, everyone must be careful about what they share and post. Teach your children about the pitfalls of the Internet. Children are the easiest targets because they are easy to share and trust.