Why fashion is mainly followed by women

If you look at the pages of fashion magazines, here you can see the majority of models. Models rarely appear there. This is because, of course, the vast majority of women are interested in fashion and want to know what to wear and what to wear.

If you look at history, you can see that this has been the case since ancient times. Already at that time, women wanted to like each other and basically competed with each other on who would be prettier, while men, in turn, overtook each other on who would bring a big catch to the house.

Although our culture and living conditions have changed greatly over the course of thousands of years (our ancestors could dream of central heating, toilet flushing, etc.), and it involves trying to see your best.

móda do společnosti

Even if we do not understand it, the purpose is simple – to find a partner. The more attractive a woman becomes, the more desirable she will be for a man. We do not like to hear it, but we choose a partner, above all, depending on the appearance. After all, that\’s what gives us the first impression.

Of course, many women say that they do not do it to please men, especially when they already have it. They do it to increase confidence. And in their heads, it may be true. But how do we increase our confidence? Is it because we look good or because men turn around?

móda pro všední den

Of course, there are those who do not follow the latest fashion trends, and there are those who do not have a full wardrobe. But they also become fashionable when entering society. They don\’t want others to see what they look like.

Therefore, even if the latest fashion at home has not been a hit, it is definitely worth putting some nice pieces in the wardrobe. You never know when they are useful to you. After all, each of us wants to go out at least once with a friend for a theater, cinema or coffee. And to make a good impression here is never in vain.