Unsuitable cat dishes

Inappropriate ingredients in the food we feed our cats can do them a lot of harm. All “cat owners” should remember that our friends are carnivores and adjust their diets accordingly. Their diet should contain about 90% animal ingredients! They would not be able to survive long term in a healthy state on a diet with a composition similar to that of us humans.

krmení kočky

They choose their food carefully

it is called “cat food”. Cats are not greedy, they just carefully test the food presented to them and choose what is healthy for them. They are very conservative when it comes to food. If they like something, they will try it. Does not like frequent dietary changes and reacts irritably. Causes diarrhea. Stick to what you like. Taste receptors are sensitive. They detect not only subtle flavor nuances of food, but also temperature. It should be as close as possible to the temperature of the freshly caught prey. This is the natural diet of a carnivore. Do not feed them food that is too cold, fresh out of the refrigerator!

kotě v misce

Most harmful to cats

Cats\’ bodies cannot digest some components of human food, and even small amounts can be toxic. So what should we watch out for and what should we cut from our cat\’s diet? Sugar, milk, salt, too much fat, and alcohol.

A natural cat diet contains no sugar or starch. Cats do not have sweet-taste receptors. Most cats are intolerant to milk because of the lactose. They have diarrhea. Feeding carbohydrates risks heart and eye damage. Too much fat causes pancreatitis. Salt (as in humans) increases sodium levels and puts a strain on the kidneys. And the body\’s waste products are not adequately eliminated. Be careful with sausage! They are high in fat and too salty! Alcohol is just as bad for cats as it is for humans. But the cat\’s body does not have the enzymes necessary to break down alcohol. Even small amounts are toxic! It causes vomiting, collapse, and unconsciousness. We do not give our cats any alcoholic beverages. Even if they are partying heavily.

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