Today’s cell phone usage is a bit different

At the very least, I like to remember the moment I picked up my first cell phone. Whether it was a push button or a touch screen, it simply made everyone happy. Back in the day, that joy might have been based on the fact that you could call or text friends and family. Not that long ago, if not that long ago, phones were primarily for that purpose.

Závislost na sociálních sítích

Today, however, it is not so different. Sure, we use our cell phones to send texts and make phone calls, but in my opinion the way we call and chat on cell phones is already different. I remember that I used to keep track of how much credit I had left and calculate how many more texts I could type, for example. Of course, such communication is still possible today, but it is much more practical to write that way if you have an Internet connection. Whether it\’s Messenger, WhatsApp, or many others.

However, the ease of use of such writing and chatting can be harmful in the process. Why? Even though simply being able to communicate with anyone on the planet is very practical, it can create a sort of addiction to social networking. Believe it or not, a significant percentage of social networking users suffer from social networking addiction. [For example, whether you are in a waiting room at a train station, on a bus, at an intersection, or just out for a walk, it\’s hard not to notice people looking at their mobile devices. Whether they are just checking the news or texting someone, they are constantly looking at them in their spare time. As a result, we can see that cell phones show their daily hours of use. Therefore, in my opinion, we need to strike a balance and avoid these problems. It would be a good idea to set the time of cell phone use on the device and be notified accordingly.

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