There is evil on the Internet

The Internet is a place where we can really encounter many things. And what we might encounter here is not always what we want. There are many people out there who want to do us harm as well as offer good service and advice. And if we are not careful enough, they can succeed.

We humans know the real world well enough to back up our cars and even run away to avoid danger if we feel threatened, but on the Internet it is not so simple It may not be so simple on the Internet. For what do we really know about the more or less anonymous strangers we meet here? Nothing. And if we are not immediately aware of the real risks, we may not notice them, or we may underestimate them. And that could end very badly.

online nákup

In real life, if we are offered a great investment opportunity by someone we don\’t like in any way, from their clothes to their attitude, we will turn it down But what if that person is hiding behind a nice-looking website that offers the Internet to everyone? It\’s easy to fall for it.

If someone who doesn\’t impress us at first glance asks to meet, we will reject them. In the virtual world, however, the same person can easily deceive us. There, they can lower their age slightly, add their education, modify their face and body shape with appropriate programs, and use other people\’s photos. And we remain delusional until we actually meet them.

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The Internet is another great place to manipulate facts. All it takes is a few words, a twisted phrase, a fabricated testimony from a direct participant, an image stolen from somewhere, and hell becomes paradise, paradise becomes hell, victim becomes criminal, criminal becomes victim.

It is not easy to detect such evil on the Internet. But we must endeavor to do so. And we should always be wary of rumors of unknown sources. Because if someone harms us on the Internet, it is very difficult to find that person in the virtual world. And the likelihood of satisfaction may be very low.