The Dangerous Convenience of Our Time

We have already bitten the subject, but we do not yet know what it is. Thus, it is something useful that makes our daily lives incredibly easy. But what is the point? It is obviously about the Internet. The initial impulse was simply to connect people living on opposite sides of the world, to share common experiences, and to target a broader group of customers. [But today, the Internet has gone from being an innocent player to being the driving force and center of all action. Today we use the Internet not just to communicate, but to share joy, to attract customers, to confide personal problems to like-minded people, and to socialize in a variety of ways. All of this sounds very positive, but don\’t be tempted.
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The Internet is a tricky place, and social networks even more so. Social networks began with the birth of Facebook
. Here, users can communicate, make phone calls, share links to posts and articles, and create elaborate profiles that help them build new identities. But there is a serious problem here. Often, people come to believe in a reality that appears more appealing and may begin to reject the real reality.
Introverts, who are often rejected by society, may begin to live anew in the world of social networks. Here they create new profiles with beautiful photos, new personal information, and new posts. All they need to do is rent some stylish clothes, take a few portraits, and lie a few interesting facts about themselves to create a trendy profile. So everyone should think about who will be a role model for them.
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They are often mediocre dreamers just like us. But the world of social networking is not limited to Facebook. One can also look to Instagram and Twitter, which are among the main players in virtual reality. However, these platforms are not about communication and sharing, but simply about the first impressionsmentioned.