The parking situation in Japan is unique

The most pressing problem in Czech and European traffic is not potholes, problematic highways, rush hour or traffic jams. It is the very common parking lot. Especially in places with high concentrations of people and traffic.
brouk na parkovišti

Different areas have different manners

And do you feel that some cities charge fat parking fees while nothing fundamental is done about the parking shortage? This is not purely a Czech phenomenon, only collection and delayed construction, but the unbearable situation in urban residential areas is not approached in this way everywhere.
podzemní parkoviště
At least in Japan, they are trying to tackle this problem in a fundamental way. Japan is an island nation with a very high population density and pronounced overcrowding. This also applies to the automobile industry and the number of cars in use. With an average of two to three cars per family, car traffic increases several fold and the biggest problem is parking.
vícepodlažní parkoviště
The lack of parking space here is compensated for, especially recently, by underground parking garages with goods lifts. To put it bluntly, underground skyscrapers allow people to hide their cars under ground dozens of meters deep.
The life of the local population has also adapted to this phenomenon. People prefer to park their cars underground and use the available space for residential lots, playgrounds, playgrounds, and parks.
Rates for underground parking are about the same as for surface parking, and the high level of interest in such services is demonstrated by the fact that spaces are already sold out in advance. Sophisticated underground spaces also offer the advantages of security from theft, control of freight elevators with special locks, and relative safety from the weather.

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