Today\’s topic is cell phones. Everyone knows about cell phones, but did you ever think that cell phones could become a mobile carrier? If I were to write something about mobile, you would know it yourself and it would be boring for you. Because in today\’s world, each of us knows something about today\’s technology. So I am going to tell you a little bit about mobile operators What does the mobile operator offer us: when we buy a SIM card, the card is already overcharged with credit, worth 200 kc. Every time you top up, you get free internet. 50GB of data per month, but even if you run out of data, you still have GB left over so you can keep in touch with friends and family. SIM cards can be purchased at post offices, newsstands, supermarkets, etc.


And what is new is that calls for 2.20 CZK/minute, SMS for 1.50 CZK/SMS and 200 MB or 1 GB internet for 30 days are free. If you already have an operator and have the number memorized, you can port your phone number completely free of charge.

And to get right, is just a virtual operator, using T-Mobile\’s mobile network. Your new prepaid card has its own offer and customer offer; there is no contract or commitment with the SIM card. Therefore, you are the master of your card. And if you want to make any changes, please contact customer service.


*When using 146# to check your credit balance and card expiration date.

Also, to find out data usage and expiration date using *145#. The phone number for customer support is ? 333333 or +420 738 333 333, they will tell you all questions about your number there and most importantly, they will help you there. Customer Support is available all business days from 8 am to 7 pm. Calls to the customer service line and pay phones are free of charge, but there is a 20 CZK charge for connecting to the operator.

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