Kinesio Tape – Decoration or Help?

Kinesio taping is a method developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase of Japan. 7] It uses an elastic bandthat can be used in a variety of ways for different purposes. It consists of cotton wrapped around polyurethane fibers and an adhesive, which is primarily a resin. Some tapes are conventional, while otherscontain tourmaline. The latter polarize cell membranes and improve blood circulation at the site of application.
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How should the tape be used?

The effectiveness of taping depends on how it is applied. Tape is most commonly applied by physical therapists. For example, tape can stimulate muscles. Tape is often applied to flaccid muscles that are under-worked. Conversely, tape can inhibit, or dampen, muscles that are overloaded, producing excessive activity. Interestingly, when used correctly, it can help correct the body, for example, the hunched shoulders that most people suffer from. It can also reduce swelling and pain, and help strengthen athletes and others. Finally, it also supports and improves lymphatic flow.
When the tape is properly applied, its effects are apparent. The tape has some elasticity and can be stretched. The effect depends precisely on the degree of tension of the tape.
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Many people believe that tape has different properties depending on its color. There are many myths, such as the color blue has a cooling effect, but this is not true. The color of the tape does not affect its effect at all. [All colors have the same properties. Physical therapists usually have several different colors to choose from. Children appreciate the color palette the most. 27]
Athletes pursuing their hobby as a competition must, in some cases, research the colors allowed in games and competitions. Some sports require only beige, others require beige and black, and club colors are also looked into. So, especially if you are competing in a high level competition, ask which colors are allowed, as the color of the belt will be looked at.

If you see someone covered from head to toe in taping, you can look at it in two ways. The more taping you put on, the more your body learns new sensations. Ideally, you should use as little tape as possible.

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