It’s not that complicated

If he doesn\’t want it, he doesn\’t want it, and if he doesn\’t know, he asks. This is a concise way of expressing consent. In these days of sex scandals, many men express their concerns about not knowing what to do and what not to do to a woman. Gentlemen, here is a simple tip. Before you do anything, imagine someone doing the same thing to you. What if someone whistles at you and yells at you just for walking down the street? What if someone slapped your butt because ha ha fun? What if someone stuck to you in a vehicle, even though there was plenty of space around you? I bet none of these situations would be comfortable for you. And neither are we women.

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When it comes to flirting, the simple advice is to treat us as equals. How can we do that? First of all, understand that just as you are not obligated to give us your time or attention, we are not obligated to give you our time or attention. So when we tell you to leave us alone because we are not interested, that is usually what we mean. Yes, we know that in the movies it\’s just an incentive for the protagonist to try harder, but in real life “no” usually really means “no.” Besides, if we want to flirt with you, you know it. And as for cabarets, helping them with their coats or giving them flowers is appreciated, and I don\’t know any woman who would actively make them bare their tops just because it\’s just you. But again, keep in mind that just because you helped her with her coat or paid for dinner does not mean she owes you a kiss or sex.

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By the way, what about sex? An easy tip is to simply ask. Many people think that communication breaks the mood, when in fact, at least for women, it is usually quite sexy. Ask if your partner wants to have sex with you and if she is happy with what you are doing. Besides, if your partner feels good, the whole act will be more pleasurable for you. Plus, there is one more thing to keep in mind. That is, you don\’t have to do something that you don\’t feel good about or don\’t want to do.

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