If it weren’t for cell phones…

We buy cell phones because we have no other choice and simply need them to survive. There used to be no such thing as a phone, but times have changed drastically. That is not a bad thing; it is thanks to the times and thanks to the fact that someone invented the cell phone in the first place. But the cell phone is a helper that makes our lives easier, and thanks to the cell phone we no longer have to work. Therefore, the phone is good in that it allows us to get some things done or speed things up and spend the rest of our time on other, more necessary things.


Absolutely anything is possible through the telephone. However, many have not yet discovered much. This is because there are things that a slightly more skilled person can handle, and they aren\’t even as well known as the ones we use every day. I don\’t care what anyone says, cell phones are really cool and the times without them were good, but cell phones can save lives just by the fact that we can call an ambulance, the fire department, or the police if we are in danger. What would we do if we didn\’t have a phone? How would we call for help and how would we protect ourselves from imminent danger?


Probably nothing. Before, when there were no telephones at all, they were not even attached to the wall. And that was quite normal. So let us rejoice that our loved ones whose lives are on the line can call an ambulance when they need one. We are so lucky compared to our ancestors who did not have cell phones. So let us rejoice that we have that option.If we didn\’t have phones, we would have had to send a letter every time we wanted to contact someone, or visit them to tell them we wanted to see them. Can you imagine what that would be like? We can\’t imagine it anymore, but we really did.

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