I always wonder what would have happened if there were no cell phones. Would landline phones still be in vogue or would everything be handled by letter? I remember my grandmother and grandfather talking about how they used to write letters to each other. Of course, there were no cell phones at all back then, and there were no land lines either. According to my grandmother, they had a landline when she was about 50 years old. So you can imagine what it was like to date when my grandmother and grandfather were about 20 years old.

S mobilem je člověk svobodnější.

They were young and wanted to date, but it wasn\’t classic dating like it is now. In the past, they were honest about everything. According to my grandmother, for example, they never made a date 10 days in advance. You had to do exactly what the letter said. Then, my grandmother said, without cell phones, you couldn\’t call if someone got sick. So my grandmother would tell me, for example, how many times my grandfather had a date and waited for her when she couldn\’t come. He couldn\’t manage to let them know that my grandmother wasn\’t coming, just because she couldn\’t come or she got sick that day. This was really difficult.

Kdy jste měli první mobil?

And so many people want to enjoy themselves and meet people, but unfortunately it didn\’t work out like it did today. That is why I am glad that we live in this mobile age and that there are so many technological inventions. I love technology and I am addicted to cell phones. So I am very happy that we have cell phones now. And do you still remember the days when there were no cell phones? Or are you of the generation that already had cell phones? Nowadays it is very normal for a 5 year old to have a cell phone. My son also has a hop and it is very convenient. I can call him anytime.

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