Dolphins are friends, not food

A lot has been written and said about dolphins and their intelligence. Sometimes even a dolphin enters the movie, where he performs really incredible stunts. Sometimes beyond human understanding. But what about his high intelligence?
Scientists have shown that the dolphin brain is similar in structure to the human brain.
– The brain of the cetaceans to which the dolphin belongs is really large.
The brain of a bottlenose dolphin is even larger than ours.
hlava delfína
Much more important than the size of this mysterious organ itself is the ratio of the number of threads contained in it and the size of the brain to the overall size of the animal.And it is among these signs that the brains of us and dolphins become approximately equal. Behind the dolphins are also our close relatives – chimpanzees.
* A person\’s brain accounts for 2.10 percent of his total body weight.
* The brain of bottlenose dolphins accounts for 1.17 percent of body weight.
* Chimpanzee brains account for only 0.70 percent.
Therefore, it is absolutely clear that on Earth we are the most intelligent creatures, and in the water – dolphins. It is sad that dolphins never hurt people, but people certainly did not hesitate to hunt and eat dolphins.
pusinka delfínů

Act like a dolphin

Dolphins have one more thing in common. While other creatures tell each other only the most important things through their speeches,Humans and dolphins are talkative creatures.Their speeches are very rich.
Their means of expression are
* Various click sounds – induced by jaws
* Whistling in a huge range – we can also hear from low frequency to high frequency ultrasound.
•1. Another means of expression is to tap the fin into the water and release the foam.
roztomilý delfíni
Dolphins also entered the myth. In ancient Greece, dolphins were considered gods. Then they carried the souls of the deceased to the blessed island. However, there is even more talk about how the dolphin saved the man. Therefore, we should treat him the same way.

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