When I was little I always wanted to have animals at home. But the worst part was that my parents didn\’t want any animals. And they never explained to me why I couldn\’t have an animal. Of course, as a child, it seemed very unfair to me at first. Because all my friends had animals at home, and even my cousins had animals at home. Still, I knew that if we lived in the village, we would have animals too. My parents always wanted to have chickens, and dogs and cats.

Mám doma kotě.

I was really excited when my parents said they wanted a cat and a dog in the village garden too. What happened? Did my parents stop liking animals? Or were they forbidden? When I asked my parents, they were in denial for a while. But I kept pressing my parents to tell me why they suddenly stopped keeping animals.

Přála bych si dalmatina.

Even chickens to lay eggs. Because that\’s what my parents wanted. So in the end, my parents told me that they didn\’t want any animals. They both got very time-consuming jobs, so they would not be able to take care of the animals. Of course, I was in the sixth grade and couldn\’t take care of the animals 100%. So eventually, with my persuasion, my parents decided to at least keep the cat. Cats are independent and don\’t require as much attention as, say, a dog. So I decided to at least get a cat. Cats and I really work well together and are a great duo. It\’s a real shame I can\’t have a dog at home. I always wanted a Dalmatian. He\’s a cute dog with white fur and black spots.

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