Cars are practical for everyone

As for cars, well, that is a topic in itself. In this day and age, I don\’t think people would move anymore if it weren\’t for cars. For example, a friend of mine has a mother. She\’s had her driver\’s license since she was 18. There is nothing wrong with that. I mean, it\’s great that she can get her license and drive a car at the young age of 18. However, her mother is so used to automobiles that even now, at age 60, she still drives a car everywhere she goes. Even a five-minute walk to the store, she drives. Of course, it takes less than a minute to drive there, but she is so used to going to this store that it becomes a total chore and ridiculous.

Bez automobilu je to složité.

Of course, if you are wondering if she is overweight or has various health problems, let\’s just say she is. She uses her car for everything. In my opinion, the car is her drug and it is the car that is taking a toll on her health. Not only has she gained about 30 pounds, but everything hurts. She is a hunchback. She doesn\’t exercise at all and doesn\’t eat healthy. On top of that, she drinks a lot and smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. I think if her car is out of service for at least a month, she will know what it is like for someone who doesn\’t have a car and has to walk all the time.

Automobil bych chtěl každý.

For example, I have a car but I walk most of the time, especially when I go shopping. My store is a 20-minute walk away, and I walk there once or twice a week to exercise. I also go to the cemetery; it takes me 30 minutes, but I don\’t mind that. I also take a walk and ride a bicycle, not an electric bicycle, but a regular bicycle. I just move my body. I don\’t like sitting at home doing nothing. So I use the car when I have to go to work, when I have to go somewhere in a hurry, when I have to go to the doctor, when I have to pick up my kids from daycare or school, that kind of thing.

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