Looking at pictures and videos of miniature pigs makes me want to keep one at home. If not in an apartment, at least in a yard. They are cute and tame, play with other pets, sleep on the couch, and look like adorable pets. But in reality, they are still pigs, albeit mini versions. They are smart, curious, and can be friendly to humans.
dvě prasátka
The first problem occurs when a pig bought as a baby exceeds its expected size as an adult. Even miniature pigs that the breeder promised a miniature body shape can reach 100 kg as unplanned adult pigs. When that happens, such a huge body cannot climb stairs or be carried. So the ideal life would be one with no stairs and the ability to pop out into the yard or take regular long walks on a leash or shackles.
polibek prasátka
Pigs love and need exercise. Of course, it is expected that piglets will damage the yard somewhat. Raising piglets requires considerable time and patience. They must become accustomed to their environment, smell, taste, and eat everything. It is said that piglets are very clean and learn to defecate in one place. They are omnivorous, but care must be taken to structure their diet so that they do not gain too much weight. Grass, hay, vegetables, and some fruits are the basics. Pellet mixes and rice can be added. The drink is, of course, water, but some recommend weak tea.
Piglets must be regularly vaccinated and dewormed. Under certain conditions, they can live in an apartment with us, but an outdoor environment is still more natural. A grass hut and a shelter where they can hide will suffice. However, they do not like the cold and snow. Piglets do not like solitude and boredom. Keepers and neighbors sometimes complain that some piglets are very noisy and are always squealing. To keep the piglets occupied, they need to be given lots of things to play and explore. Otherwise, they will get into mischief. Piglets prefer a regular life and it is difficult to change what they are used to once they are used to it.
malý čuník
It is true that pigs are very smart and have strong personalities. They will take advantage of any weakness we have. We cannot expect them to be as obedient as dogs. Anyway, you will never get bored with them and they will always surprise you with something.

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