Shopping on the Internet is convenient, fast, and you don\’t have to worry about catching the flu in a shopping mall. It is also often cheaper than in a physical store, especially if you don\’t have to pay for shipping. And you can buy almost anything. But there are some drawbacks.


Shipping can be difficult.You have to pay in advance, ideally by card, hurry up, and hope the item arrives at your house within three days. Then you wait and wait and nothing happens. You call and write letters, but the person in charge never shows up. Even when you do find a person in charge, you are given excuses about how the supplier has not delivered the goods, and you lose patience and don\’t keep waiting. If you run out of patience and ask for your money back, it\’s back to the email and phone carousel. And you\’ll be lucky if they refund it to your account.

You may receive a defective product, a product of a completely different quality than you expected, a product that breaks immediately, or some otherreasonto make a complaint. In that case, send the merchandise back at your expense, see if they accept the claim, and possibly involve a lawyer or black sheep to argue with the store.

Holt There are certain riskswith online purchases, not just purchases. If you have ever used a dating site to find a suitable partner, you probably weren\’t surprised. A beautiful, slim blonde in her 30s turned out to be a chubby 40-something; a handsome bodybuilder turned out to be a balding, buxom man. People like to change their identities on the Internet and play the part of someone they really can\’t be.


On dating sites, it is difficult to check because you really have to wait until you meet the person in person. But with stores, look at reviews and recommendations first before you start shopping. Doing so may save you a lot of trouble, time, and nerves. If you follow certainrules, your risk of using the Internet will be lower and you will not have to worry about losing your hard-earned money by making risky purchases. [32] Because online shopping is really good.