What problems are there with short-haired dog breeds

If you conducted the competition on the popularity of dogs by type, and not by breed, then the winner is definitely a short-headed breed, which in layman\’s terms is called a short-muzzle dog. This group includes many popular breeds, including pugs, French bulldogs, Pekingese and Shih Tzu. However, regardless of the particular breed, there are some common features.

Of course, the main thing is a very short nose. To this, a round face and large and expressive eyes are added. The body is often low, compact, and the tail is usually corkscrew. These breeds are especially popular with women, because the facial expression is noticeably similar to a human baby. They cause us similar feelings without realizing it. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are so popular and often even become the overall winner of the exhibition.

But what people no longer recognize is the fact that these traits are accompanied by a variety of health problems. These breeds were bred only for appearance, so health was not seen much, especially in recent decades, unlike work and sports breeds. The result is clearly visible today.

pes s normálním čumákem

The main and most important thing is that the majority of these dogs have difficulty breathing. They have short bones on the nose, but the soft tissue is not shortened. This causes great problems and is also the cause of the characteristic snoring of these breeds. This hoarseness often looks cute to a person, but in fact it means that the dog can not breathe properly.

Another problem is the big eyes. They are simply too big, so they tend to fall out of the hole. So far, for example, in pugs, some breeders have instructed the new owner of the puppy what to do in such cases.

mops s krátkým nosem

Teeth are another problem. They have the same number of dogs as other dogs, but much less space to fit in. Therefore, it is not surprising that they often have poor teeth.

This is only a very small list of diseases that these varieties suffer from. Many of them can no longer perform even basic vital functions without human help. The question is whether their behavior is ethical or not.


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