Banks are competing to entice prospective customers with deals. Free account maintenance, better interest rates, discounted phone calls, participation in contests. Because underneath these perks is almost always a hook in small print.
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Looking at it the other way around, a discount systemoffered free of charge to customers by an unnamed bank operating in the Czech Republic could certainly be beneficial. What exactly does it entail? It is a discount system that is generated based on past purchases at retailers that you frequent. Importantly, these transactions must be paid for with a credit card held at the bank in question. In addition to actively using your credit card, you must registerfor this program . An overview of the discounts can be found on the program\’s website, or you can download the free application directly to your phone.
So how do you actually save? Let\’s say you are at your favorite clothing store right now. You see a T-shirt you like. You go to the app to see if the store participates in the program and how much of a discount they are offering. You simply activate the app. Then you pay for the t-shirt with your cashless card and the discount is automatically deducted. The second example is when you are running low on fuel for your car. If you activate the discount at the time of refueling, you get, for example, 2% less when you pay.
Personally,there are only advantages. No loyalty cards, discount coupons, or club points are needed to receive the discount.
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It is linked directly to your credit card. Therefore, it is very unobtrusive. There is no need to ask for a better price or offer a coupon. The best part is that discounts are generated based on your past purchases and are therefore tailored to you. Therefore, only the discounts you are truly interested in are offered. Discounted prices range from gas stations, restaurants, pharmacies, groceries, shoes, clothing, and household items to fares, indeed.