Relationships with older men, yes or no

They are considered old enough to have wisdom that is usually invisible to younger people. This is because older people are full of things that cannot be obtained through intercession, bought with money, or learned or read about in books. This magical treasure is the experience of having lived life firsthand.
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A mature person is usually more cautious, makes his decisions and actions thoughtfully, and does not act recklessly or rashly. He does not argue with you over trivial matters and at the same time does not easily drag him into your company. This may seem like a disadvantage, but you will soon realize that life\’s wisdom and less hasty conclusions are often more valuable than distracted, reckless passion.
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Respect and esteem

What women really admire in men from an early age is individuality. A unique style, a sense of responsibility, the ability to listen to the opinions of others while defending his own. Such a man is a support to his wife, not a weight off her shoulders, and she can share her thoughts, ideas, inventions, and creativity with him. This is why women (and even teenagers and immature women) seek partners who are at least a few years older than them.

Love and sex

Love and sex are intrinsically linked. One poll found that women are more impressed with experienced men, both in the areas of intimacy, pleasure, and passion that they can experience with him in the embrace of their lover. If the man you choose has already experienced several affairs, he is bound to be able to take advantage of that experience more than an inexperienced bunny. Mature men usually think not only about their own satisfaction, but also about their partner\’s pleasure.

Travel and security

With a man who is modest and experienced, there is no need to be bored or to be a slipper peacock lounging on the couch, bored at night with the TV channel playing. If he is creative and energetic, he will take you to the places he loves in life. And if he\’s more adventurous, he\’ll take you on a romantic holiday on a raft, a horse saddle, or at least a bicycle. And unlike his peers, he will act more considerate and make you feel safe in his arms.