Currently Bishop Emerita of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church Jana Sirelová was born in Znojmo in 1950. After graduating from grammar school in Znojmo, she studied at the Theological Faculty in Prague. After graduation, she was ordained a priest in 1974 at the Hus Czechoslovakian Theological Faculty. He began his priestly ministry in a parish in northern Moravia. She was also often transferred by the STB from one place to another, as the totalitarian regime did not favor the Church.

V kostele

In 1989, Jana Sirelova participated with her husband in the founding of the Civic Forum in Ostrava. Together with equally enthusiastic collaborators, she succeeded in bringing more than 30,000 citizens to the movement in the first few days. At the invitation of Václav Havel, she participated in Forum 2000, where she met scientific, artistic, and spiritual leaders from around the world. Among the most memorable was his meeting with the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, in 2003. He often recalls it in his lectures to this day. She has contributed her timeless reflections to the “20 Ideas” project along with other important figures from the Moravian-Silesian region. In it, she addresses the need for intergenerational dialogue. She encourages young people to look beyond regional boundaries. And to contribute to common development. She often shares her gift of bringing people together, not only within the church, but regardless of religion. But her talks on Czech Radio, Vltava, are always a joy to listen to for all those who aspire to a life of love. Without hate, anger, or resentment. Even those who do not believe in God receive a positive reception. If you\’re lucky, he\’s a popular guest on local radio stations. Both in Ostrava and in Olomouc. You can listen to him from the archives.

Kostelní věže

She is not only the first female bishop of Olomouc since 1999. But she also held the office for another seven-year term. Jana Sirelova is one of the most influential figures not only in the spiritual life of our country, but also in the social life; from 2001 to 2007 she was a member of the Council of Czech Television. She remains active in religious circles. In her home church, she organizes concerts of sacred music by well-known musical artists. As she says, I am grateful for her return. All her parishioners are happy too. Because you can never have enough quotes.”