Influencers and big companies using the Internet

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are dominated by influencers(which directly translated from English means “influential people”). That is, people who can influence a significant number of people through these media.
And they make a lot of money doing so. Even if it is not everyone\’s top priority. Someone will start providing interesting content for entertainment, distraction, or confession. And if the topic is emotional and genuine enough, it can attract a large network of secondary subscribers, so-calledfollowers(literally meaning “followers”)Práce takzvaného influencera.jpg
It would not take long for companies to approach them for advertising cooperation, and there is the potential for interesting revenue. Marketers are realizing that there is great power in new media. [Especially users under the age of 18 have a hard time distinguishing between an ordinary holiday photo and an ad for a fashion brand. And they are the ones most influenced by the Internet.
Although the reach of Czech influencers is considerably smaller than abroad, hundreds of people in our country make a living as influencers. Monthly earnings usually start in the tens of thousands, with the best earning hundreds of thousands. Nor does it have to be someone with a million followers. What matters is how persuasive the influencer is to his audience and how much weight his words carry.Moderní média.jpg
Abroad, their reach is much higher and they can earn similar amounts with just one post. Domestically, they are still in the process of discovery. Outside the Czech Republic, this is a serious field and is properly covered by law. There are even penalties for inappropriate advertising displays. In this country, it is not yet well covered.
What made Czech influencers break through the Internet? There is no single recipe. Videos of various challenges and computer games are interesting, ranging from cosmetics and clothes shopping to fitness and healthy lifestyles. Blog posts by travelers are no exception.

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